Point au Chien Indian Tribe

Fishing boat moored on canal bank.

In winter, boats are moored most of the time.

The village runs along both sides of the canal. Open this map full screen.

The first time I visited Pointe au Chien I was actually looking for the Wildlife Refuge by the same name. Instead, I ended up at the Point au Chien Indian Tribe Village.

Obviously I had no idea what I had walked into until I got home and looked it up online. This is a small french speaking tribe primarily descendant from Chitimacha and Houma tribes.

Walking along the banks I spoke to a few people who were kind enough to say hi and answer my questions about the crabs they were trapping and about what kind of boat I could use to paddle in the swamp.

As it is winter there isn’t a lot of activity in the town save for a few who trap blue crabs that are sent to the New England region.

It was a fun visit and I’d like to return. I get the feeling there are many stories I could discover by spending a more time there.

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