Take Your Time

Napoleon had a saying:

“Easy! I’m in a hurry.”

This applies well to weddings. As a photographer I have seen all kinds of things happen and I have to say that taking your time to enjoy your wedding is probably one of the most beneficial things you can do to improve the pictures.

It has happened many times. In the nervousness of the moment I have seen brides and grooms hurriedly exchange rings or the kiss. As a photographer I know when to expect these important events and do my best to not miss them. But if you take your time and hold each other’s hands while you exchange rings, you give your photographer an opportunity to get a second shot. The first shot is made on instinct, the second is always an improvement.

So, give your photographer that opportunity! Take your time, enjoy the moment. Let yourself linger on those moments as they unfold.

Two crucial moments you will want to savor are:

  • Ring Exchange: Hold your hand out, let him/her hold your hand. Hold the ring on the finger before slipping it on, savor that moment, look into each others eyes.
  • The Kiss: Hold it. Hold that kiss just an instant longer, enjoy it. You don’t need to keep kissing in an embarrassing PDA, just stay there a second, just long enough to get a second shot. But then if a passionate kiss where your new husband bends you over into a dip is more your style, then by all means let go and be passionate! It will be spectacular.
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